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Emerging Blogger Series: Johnzelle

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The emerging blogger series is aimed at community building by giving new mental health a chance to have their work seen by a wider audience and connect with other members of the blogging community.

This week we have Johnzelle from Panoramic Counseling.

What is Play Therapy? by Panoramic Counseling

What is Play Therapy?

Hello everyone! My name is Johnzelle and I’m a psychotherapist in Richmond, Virginia in the United States. I’d like to start by thanking Ashley for inviting me to do a guest post for her Emerging Blogger feature. Since it’s Counseling Awareness Month, I chose to talk about play therapy, a popular mental health intervention used with children.

Play therapy is a psychotherapy treatment modality that is typically used with children between the ages of 3 and 12, though some therapists have been known to use play therapy with adolescents and adults as well. Play therapy helps with building communication skills, social skills, and learning skills. Since kids don’t have the verbal expression skills that older people do, play therapy is a great way for them to express troubling emotions and circumstances in a therapeutic setting.

Play therapy allows children to separate themselves from their problems so that they can gain awareness and learn conflict resolution skills with the help of their therapist. Play therapy works well with children who have anxiety, depression, behavior problems, trauma, or low self-esteem.

There are several different types of play therapy; however, I’ll highlight a popular version called sandplay therapy. Sandplay involves children using toys, props, and other figures, which are arranged in a sand tray. Children create their scenes and use the scenes to help them communicate with their therapist. The play therapist incorporates the sandplay with traditional talk therapy techniques to help the child work through their concerns.

Thanks so much for reading! You can find my mental health blog over at Panoramic Counseling.

Thanks so much Johnzelle for participating in the emerging blogger series!

You can find the rest of the posts in the series, as well as the criteria for participating, on the Community Features page.

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