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Mental Health

Year in Review 2019 – Life & Health

Blogging and other writing take up a huge amount of my life, but I covered those in the last couple of days, so this is the assorted leftovers. I started off the year with two casual nursing jobs.  In the spring I started finding that the patient visits I was doing for one of the… Continue reading Year in Review 2019 – Life & Health

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Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing

This post is a look back at both the reading and the writing I did in 2019. The majority of the reading I do is on WordPress, and it's really been wonderful to see everyone's creative output.  This is something that is a really important part of my daily routine, and something that I value… Continue reading Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing

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Awareness Days, Seasonal, & Holidays

Reflections on 2017

The blunt reality is that 2017 has not been a good year for me.  I have really struggled with my mental health, and treatment-resistant depression makes it hard to find hope.  But as 2017 draws to a close, I can acknowledge that looking back on the bad stuff is less productive than trying to focus… Continue reading Reflections on 2017