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My Anti-Rules for Writing

There are plenty of rules out there on the internet about how you "should" write.  Well, I say shoulds are just another form of cognitive distortion, so it's time to kick some of those rules to the curb and replace them with anti-rules for writing. Write every day Apparently this is something you're supposed to… Continue reading My Anti-Rules for Writing

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Who I Am as a Writer

Image by JL G from Pixabay Here we are on WordPress, all of us as writers.  But what does that writing identity look like?  I thought I'd do this post to take a closer look into my own. I've always liked to write.  When I was young, as in elementary school young I liked to write stories.  One… Continue reading Who I Am as a Writer

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How and Why I Write

Aaron Burden on Unsplash During my recent beach vacation, I decided to go almost entirely offline, but I still wanted to keep writing.  That meant rocking it old school with paper and pen.  It felt very different writing on paper, something I seldom do anymore.  I'm typically not particularly linear in my writing; I like… Continue reading How and Why I Write