Book cover: Royally Incomplete by TheInBetweenQueen
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Book Review: Royally Incomplete

Royally Incomplete is the first book from TheInBetweenQueen, and it focuses on her eating disorder recovery journey.  Her pen name comes from her perspective that "Health is not a destination, and at this juncture, I am still in a vastly expansive in-between." Each chapter focuses on a different issue or part of her story, and… Continue reading Book Review: Royally Incomplete

woman looking at her reflection in a mirror
Mental Health

Mirror, Mirror… Managing Body Image

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year's theme is body image.  While for some people this is a more dire issue than others, such as people with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, it's something that impacts us all to some extent. Societal standards of beauty have changed over time, but what doesn't seem to… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror… Managing Body Image