Normalizing mental illness symptoms: The validating and invalidating ways
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Normalizing Mental Illness Symptoms – the Good Way and the Bad Way

I got thinking about this recently because my best friend is a normalizer, and it really doesn't feel very good sometimes.  But there are other times when normalizing aspects of mental illness can be helpful.  So what's the difference? The invalidating way A little while back, I told my best friend that I was heading… Continue reading Normalizing Mental Illness Symptoms – the Good Way and the Bad Way

Validation - things that it is and is not

The Power of Validation

Skinny Hobbit from Growing Into Myself recently did a post that contained this Youtube video.  The video is about supporting someone who is grieving, but it's a powerful message about validation in general, which is what inspired this post. Many of us have chosen to blog because there are difficult experiences that we're dealing with. … Continue reading The Power of Validation

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The “Attention-Seeking” Label and the Attitude it Reflects

The idea of labelling people as attention-seeking is not unique to mental illness, but it's certainly something that seems to come up an awful lot.  The labellers might be friends and family, but unfortunately, they may also be health care providers. Physical manifestations of mental distress I work as a nurse at a mental health… Continue reading The “Attention-Seeking” Label and the Attitude it Reflects

What Is Series... Insights Into Psychology on Mental Health @ Home
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What Is… Invalidation

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms.  This week's term is invalidation. According to Psychology Today, validation involves conveying acceptance, and recognizing that the person's thoughts/feelings/reactions are understandable.  It also serves to communicate that the relationship is important.  It doesn't necessarily mean agreeing or approving, something I think… Continue reading What Is… Invalidation