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Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

In 2014, I did a trip to Central Asia, hitting up Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. That area is definitely off the beaten North American traveller path, so when I told people about my trip, the most common reaction was "huh?" A coworker dubbed it "the 'Stan tour" (-stan is a Persian suffix meaning land/place). Kyrgyzstan… Continue reading Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

Awareness Days, Seasonal, & Holidays

Away in a Manger I'm not religious, but religion does interest me. For Christmas eve, I thought I'd share some relevant photos from my travels. My camera at the time wasn't great, but I've edited the photos as best I can. The above photos are of the exterior and interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in… Continue reading Away in a Manger

chain of stones in the shape of a heart
Mental Health

This Was Me: The Things That Photos Hide

In this edition of This Was Me, we'll look back at times in my 30s when I was unwell, although you wouldn't know it just from looking at the picture. This photo was taken in December 2011, only a week or two after being discharged from a 2-month hospital stay.  I was better in a… Continue reading This Was Me: The Things That Photos Hide

Leaning tower of pisa

The downside of being a solo female traveller

I have mostly felt pretty safe as a solo female traveller. Sadly, there have been exceptions. One of those exceptions happened today. There was a staff guy at the hostel where I was staying who said that he "liked" me and would joke that he was "stalking" me, doing things like popping into my dorm… Continue reading The downside of being a solo female traveller

Body cast in Pompeii

Falling Head Over Heels for Italy

Despite the happy-sounding title, I'm talking about falling in a very little sense. The combination of lithium-induced clumsiness and cobblestone streets was bound to catch up to me. It was around 6am and I was walking to the train station to catch an early train to Pompeii. I was crossing a street and completely wiped… Continue reading Falling Head Over Heels for Italy

Fountain in Rome

Sometimes “meh” is the best I can come up with

I'm in Rome, the first stop of my Italian vacation and home of amazing art and history. And by amazing I mean more along the lines of "meh". I'm finding the crowds hard to handle. At the Vatican museums all I could think was get me the hell outta here, and my response to the… Continue reading Sometimes “meh” is the best I can come up with