huge lizard in Bangkok
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Assorted Critters from My Travels

These pictures in this round of critters from my travels come from a few different countries. We start off in Egypt, riding a camel, which isn't particularly comfortable, in case you wouldn't have guessed that already. The picture below is also from Egypt. This creepy taxidermied pelican was among multiple taxidermied critters at the hotel… Continue reading Assorted Critters from My Travels

Get to Know Me Thursdays: photos of author riding a camel and in front of a yurt
My Life Journey

Get to Know Me Thursday: Kiddos of My Travels

I noticed that when I was travelling, especially in non-Western countries, people got excited when you played with their kids. Granted, the fact that I was a 20/30-ish Canadian chick probably made me pretty unthreatening. This post shows some of the kidlets I encountered on my travels. I don't actually recall if this was in… Continue reading Get to Know Me Thursday: Kiddos of My Travels

yurt in Kyrgyzstan
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Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

In 2014, I did a trip to Central Asia, hitting up Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. That area is definitely off the beaten North American traveller path, so when I told people about my trip, the most common reaction was "huh?" A coworker dubbed it "the 'Stan tour" (-stan is a Persian suffix meaning land/place). Kyrgyzstan… Continue reading Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

My Life Journey

Away in a Manger I'm not religious, but religion does interest me. For Christmas eve, I thought I'd share some relevant photos from my travels. My camera at the time wasn't great, but I've edited the photos as best I can. The above photos are of the exterior and interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in… Continue reading Away in a Manger

chain of stones in the shape of a heart
My Life Journey

This Was Me: The Things That Photos Hide

In this edition of This Was Me, we'll look back at times in my 30s when I was unwell, although you wouldn't know it just from looking at the picture. This photo was taken in December 2011, only a week or two after being discharged from a 2-month hospital stay.  I was better in a… Continue reading This Was Me: The Things That Photos Hide