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Wounded Healer Interviews: Wrae Sanders

The wounded healer interview series features people who've dealt with significant mental health challenges, and who also work in a helping role to support the mental health of others. This interview is with Wrae Sanders of One Blog, One Day at a Time.   1) Tell us a bit about you, the helping field you’re… Continue reading Wounded Healer Interviews: Wrae Sanders

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Emerging Blogger Series: Rob (Your Limitless Life)

The emerging blogger series is aimed at community building through giving mental health bloggers who are early in their blogging evolution the opportunity to have their work seen by a wider audience.  It's also a way to introduce you as a reader to some newer members of our community. This post is by Rob of… Continue reading Emerging Blogger Series: Rob (Your Limitless Life)

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Should People with Addictions Be Forced to Attend AA?

A nurse that I used to work with developed an addiction a number of years back.  When it came out, in order to have any hope of getting his job and his nursing license back, he was required to see an addictions specialist and adhere to the treatment plan that was set out.  One of… Continue reading Should People with Addictions Be Forced to Attend AA?

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The Survival Sex Trade

We're all familiar, at least to some extent, with the sex trade.  If nothing else, you may have seen the movie Pretty Woman. The level of desperation in the survival sex trade, though, is galaxies removed from what's portrayed in Pretty Woman. I used to work at a community mental health team in Vancouver's downtown… Continue reading The Survival Sex Trade

The Bipolar Addict by Conor Bezane book cover
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Book review: The Bipolar Addict

The Bipolar Addict: Drinks, Drugs, Delirium, & Why Sober Is the New Cool by Conor Bezane shares the author's experiences, as well as the experiences of others, living with bipolar disorder and co-occurring addictions.  I went into his book with high expectations, because concurrent disorders need to be included more often into the conversation about… Continue reading Book review: The Bipolar Addict

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My relationship with alcohol

I was raised in a household where alcohol consumption consisted of one or two beer or glass of wine the occasional evening.  I was offered small sips of both, and didn't like the taste of either.  In my early university days, I drank, often heavily, on or two nights a week.  It was part of… Continue reading My relationship with alcohol