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Working On Us Week 19: ADHD

It's week 19 of the Working On Us mental health prompt series over at Beckie's Mental Mess.  Please visit her post for guidelines on participation. This week's prompt As I did last week, I am requesting bloggers to write a narrative by explaining how this disorder has affected your lifestyle and overall well-being.  I also… Continue reading Working On Us Week 19: ADHD

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No, We’re Not “Drug-seeking”

"Drug-seeking".  "Med-seeking".  They're labels with very negative connotations that are often tossed around quite freely when it comes to medications with the potential for abuse.  They tend to be applied most readily to people take pain medications or psychiatric medications. The notion of people being drug-seeking is heavily laden with judgment and stigma.  After all,… Continue reading No, We’re Not “Drug-seeking”

Netflix Take Your Pills
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Take Your Pills: Why is Netflix Jumping Aboard the Stigma Train?

Sigh.  This again?  I've written before about documentaries that portray psychiatric medications in a problematic way that tends to promote stigma (A Prescription For Murder and Stigma and the Pathologization of Normal).  Now Netflix has come out with Take Your Pills, which looks at the use of stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin for mental… Continue reading Take Your Pills: Why is Netflix Jumping Aboard the Stigma Train?