Suicide is not selfish - graphic of a phoenix

No, Suicide Is Not Selfish

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. There are many ways to approach the concept of suicide prevention. One of those ways is to decrease the stigma related to suicidality, because stigma tends to promote silence, and silence is definitely not a good thing when it comes to suicidality. One stigmatized belief that I see frequently expressed …

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Why does psychosis scare people? Maybe it's because they think it means psycho/psychopath (except it doesn't)

Why Psychosis Scares People

People tend to fear the unknown. Psychosis is arguably the group of symptoms that the average person finds the most frightening when it comes to mental health problems. There is stigma associated with many/most/all mental health conditions, but psychosis kicks it up a notch. What psychosis is As a quick explanation, psychosis refers to a …

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