Pandemic life as a pre-existing hermit - graphic of a cave, fire, and hermit crab
Mental Health

Coping with Pandemic Life as a Pre-Existing Hermit

and hermit crab Being a hermit is supposed to be a bad thing, but it's made it a whole lot easier to adjust to COVID-19 and the social distancing restrictions. Over the last year, I've really struggled with psychomotor retardation (slowing of movement) with my depression, and that made it hard to get out and… Continue reading Coping with Pandemic Life as a Pre-Existing Hermit

What is... insights into psychology series
Insights into Psychology

What Is… Social Isolation

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms.  This week's term is social isolation. Social isolation involves an objective removal from social contact and relationships, which may occur voluntarily or involuntarily.  The term perceived social isolation is used to include a subjective sense of loneliness.  While loneliness and social… Continue reading What Is… Social Isolation

Why depression makes it hard to be around people - graphic of person standing out from a group

Why Depression Makes It Hard For Me To Be Around People

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, can be a crippling condition that makes it extremely difficult to be around people.  It affects around 13% of the population at some point during their lifetime.  A key element of the condition is a fear of doing something that will result in humiliation. That's not me. … Continue reading Why Depression Makes It Hard For Me To Be Around People

woman walking alone on a beach
My Life Journey

Alone, But Rarely Lonely

Can you be alone without being lonely?  Or lonely without being alone?  I would say yes on both counts. Google gives this as the primary definition of lonely: "sad because one has no friends or company."  A secondary definition is "without companions; solitary."  For both definitions "alone" is listed as a synonym.  Google's definition of… Continue reading Alone, But Rarely Lonely

dogs dressed up as ghosts

I Admit It – I’m a Ghoster

Yes, that's right, I'm guilty – I'm a ghoster.  Ghosting is not a nice thing to do to someone, but are some forms of ghosting worse than others? I would like to propose two different types of ghosting: offensive ghosting, which serves to actively reject another person, and defensive ghosting, which is done for the… Continue reading I Admit It – I’m a Ghoster