Book cover: Shattered by Patricia J Grace
Book reviews, Trauma and PTSD

Book review: Shattered

In Shattered: A Memoir, Patricia J Grace tells her story of the lasting impact of childhood sexual abuse.  This abuse occurred at the hands of multiple brothers, as well as others, after the death of her father.  While her mother was aware of the abuse, she did not intervene to try to stop it.  Disturbingly, when… Continue reading Book review: Shattered

book cover: Untangled by Alexis Rose
Book reviews, Trauma and PTSD

Book review: Untangled

In Untangled: A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph, Alexis Rose offers raw, forthright descriptions of the repeated abuse she experienced in childhood and into adulthood.  I would caution anyone who has experienced abuse themselves to carefully evaluate whether they are far enough along in their own healing to feel safe while reading this kind… Continue reading Book review: Untangled