Freedom alarm: Freedom is in peril, so defend it with all your might
Identity and relationships

I Am Not Free to…

PublicDomainVectors The other day I saw an excellent article by Andy of Eden in Babylon on Entitlement and Patriotism. He contrasted the entitlement of people complaining that the pandemic lockdown violated their freedom as patriotic Americans with the self-sacrifice of people in uniform that serve their country and defend its values. In Canada, we may… Continue reading I Am Not Free to…

tiles representing different healthcare specialities
Social justice

Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Is access to healthcare a right that should be shared by all people regardless of socioeconomic status?  Or is it a privilege that belongs to those who can afford to pay? Growing up in Canada, all I ever knew was a public healthcare system.  There is no charge to see a doctor… Continue reading Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?