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Is Chiropractic What It Claims To Be?

Let's say your back hurts.  You go to a chiropractor, over a few visits they crack a few joints, and that's all she wrote, right?  That's certainly what I used to think about chiropractic.  The thing is, though, there's some modern back cracking practice built on some rather out there origins. Traditional/straight chiropractic Chiropractic was… Continue reading Is Chiropractic What It Claims To Be?

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Homeopathy: Government-funded quackery

There have been a couple of articles on the Canadian news site recently about homeopathy that have caught my eye recently.  One was about claims that homeopathy could prevent measles (referred to as homeoprophylaxis), and another was about the Canadian government funding an aid mission to Honduras involving a delegation of homeopaths claiming to cure… Continue reading Homeopathy: Government-funded quackery