AFSP statistic: Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide
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Privacy and Completed Suicide – Does It Matter?

Content warning: As the title says, I will be talking about privacy and completed suicide, and whether it's appropriate to publicly release someone's personal diary or other writings after their death.  Please consider skipping this post if it could be triggering for you. The book Suicidal I recently read and reviewed Jesse Bering's book Suicidal:… Continue reading Privacy and Completed Suicide – Does It Matter?

Arbitrary distinctions between physical and mental illness? That's stigma

Legislated Stigma

johnhain on Pixabay Stigma can be found in many places, even places where we might like to think it shouldn't be.  One such place where I have found it is in government legislation, hence the title of this post, legislated stigma. Mandatory reporting of hospitalized nurses As a registered nurse, my professional license is through… Continue reading Legislated Stigma