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Book Review: The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Struggle, and Hope is put together by Maria Alfieri. There are 10 other contributors to the book using their full names, including myself, and other writing anonymously. In the introduction, Maria writes: "It is through our vulnerability that our liberation from our inauthenticity starts. Through honest conversation we… Continue reading Book Review: The Silent Scream

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Book Review: My Heart’s Song

My Heart's Song: Emotional Musings 3 is a book of poetry by Maria Pratico, who you may know from her blog Emotional Musings. She explains in the introduction that after a messy divorce, she realized that her purpose was to use her own experiences to help others heal. She describes the poems in the book… Continue reading Book Review: My Heart’s Song

Book cover: All She Wrote by Paula Light
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Book Review: All She Wrote

All She Wrote: Catharsis & Absolution, is a book of poetry by Paula Light.  It focuses on the myriad emotions that go along with relationship heartbreak.  There are poems about narcissism, gaslighting, and other highly charged circumstances.  There's also a poem about a non-starter online relationship and Google stalking. Here are some of my favourite… Continue reading Book Review: All She Wrote

Book cover: She by Natasha MacFarlane
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Book Review: She

She (used to refer to a woman, or girl) is a book of poetry by Natasha MacFarlane.  I discovered Natasha quite recently when she was featured on Housewife Hustle's Follow Friday. The book is a story of She and her struggle with mental illness demons, told in poetic form.  It covers a number of common themes… Continue reading Book Review: She

book cover: Emotions in Motion by Mathew Sackrider
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Book Review: Emotions in Motion

Emotions in Motion: A Book of Poetry is Mathew Sackrider's first book.  Like the title suggests, they are all very emotion-rich.  The poems are all on the longer side and multi-stanza, and various forms are used (which I, being non-poetic, don't know the names of). The book addresses a number of challenging topics.  The Steering Wheel… Continue reading Book Review: Emotions in Motion

Swinging Sanity Poetry Collection by N.F. Mirza book cover
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Book Review: Swinging Sanity

Swinging Sanity is the first book of poetry by N.F. Mirza. The book is organized according to five themes, beginning with screaming numbness and ending with random reflections.  Each section begins with an illustration depicting different facets of the author along with a relevant quote. The poems vary in length, ranging from a few lines… Continue reading Book Review: Swinging Sanity

Book cover: Searching For The Truth by Maranda Russell
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Book Review: Searching For The Truth

Searching For The Truth: Poems & Prose Inspired by our Inner Worlds by Maranda Russell begins with the dedication: "For everyone who isn't afraid to search for the truth, even if it means looking outside your comfort zone." The book takes a very personal look at difficult topics like death, uncertainty, pain, and fear.  In… Continue reading Book Review: Searching For The Truth

Book cover: Not Afraid to be real by Maranda Russell
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Book Reviews: Poetry from Maranda Russell

This week I'm doing a 2-in-1 book review of two poetry collections from Maranda Russell. From Both Sides: A Look Into the World of Foster Care from Those Who Know It Best is a short book of prose poems that's written both from the perspective a foster child and that of a foster parent.  Maranda herself has… Continue reading Book Reviews: Poetry from Maranda Russell

Book cover: I am the stars in the sky by Karen Horsley
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Book Review: I Am the Stars in the Sky

I Am the Stars in the Sky: Finding Light in the Darkness is Karen Horsley's second book of poetry.  While her first book, Kaleidoscopic Beauty, included a lot of poems based in nature, this new book focuses on emotions, both positive and challenging.  Her own experiences with cancer, and depression, and PTSD are major influences… Continue reading Book Review: I Am the Stars in the Sky