Blogging and Copyright

A number of people have raised concerns lately about posting bloggers' copyright content without permission. Here's a bit of detail from This site is based in India.  They registered their domain name through GoDaddy, but the site itself isn't on GoDaddy's servers.  DigitalOcean is the Domain Name Server (DNS), which means their directory… Continue reading Blogging and Copyright

Blog written on a blackboard

A Grumpy Guide to Blogging Etiquette

I've gotten more curmudgeonly as I've gotten older, and I'm okay with that, particularly since I quite like the word curmudgeon.  It does mean, though, that sometimes things in the blogosphere get annoying, triggering the desire to rant.  I thought I'd put that to somewhat constructive use and come up with my non-Miss-Manners guide to… Continue reading A Grumpy Guide to Blogging Etiquette