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How Stress Affects the Mind and Body

People often talk about stress and feeling stressed out.  The combination of multiple work, family, and other commitments can start to feel like they're crushing us. So what exactly is stress?  It occurs when strain is placed on the body in a way that disrupts its normal balance and functioning.  The source can be internal… Continue reading How Stress Affects the Mind and Body

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The Science Of Us

IMDB On a recent post of mine, Dangerous Voyage left a comment mentioning a research study and a documentary about it that I might be interested in.  I was interested, and sufficiently so that I wanted to share it with all of you. The Dunedin Study has followed a group of 1000 individuals born in 1972… Continue reading The Science Of Us

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Adventures in Stigma in the ER

aitoff on Pixabay I mentioned in yesterday's post that a few days ago my family doctor had sent me into hospital because of worsening shortness of breath.  I wasn't overly surprised when I was met with stigma in the ER.  It seemed like the ER doc took one look at my list of psych meds… Continue reading Adventures in Stigma in the ER

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The body is a strange creature

Noupload on Pixabay Yesterday afternoon I was trying out one of the single-use thermometer strips I have for work, just to remind myself how to use them.  It told me that I had a mild fever. I confirmed it on my regular thermometer.  That got me thinking about how strange my body has been acting… Continue reading The body is a strange creature