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This Was Me: My Mental Health Nursing Career

  This is the final post in a mini-series that's looked back at my past.  This post is a bit different because I don't have any photos to capture my mental health nursing career.  I became a nurse in 2004.  It was my second health professional career; the first was as a pharmacist.  This is… Continue reading This Was Me: My Mental Health Nursing Career

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Wounded Healers: Caz

Caz of Mental Health 360º is the first person to be featured in the wounded healer interview series, featuring people with significant mental health challenges who also work in a mental health helping role with others.   Tell us a bit about you, the helping field you’re in, and the mental health challenges you’ve faced.… Continue reading Wounded Healers: Caz

Mental health

Mental Illness Disability & Identity Shifts

Role identity is a concept in sociology that refers to the identities that we build around the various socially defined roles that we fulfill.  Identity shifts can occur over time based on a variety of factors, including the importance those roles play in our lives overall. Student was a key role identity for me for… Continue reading Mental Illness Disability & Identity Shifts

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Mental health

A work conundrum

To set this up, I'll give you a bit of background.  A) One of my jobs (although technically it's contract work rather than a job) is as an injection nurse.  I administer certain kinds of recurring injection medications to patients, and I teach patients how to self-inject various biologic medications.  B) I have a tremor… Continue reading A work conundrum

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Legislated stigma

Stigma can be found in many places, even places where we might like to think it shouldn't be.  One such place where I have found it is in government legislation, hence the title of this post, legislated stigma. Mandatory reporting of hospitalized nurses As a registered nurse, my professional license is through the College of… Continue reading Legislated stigma