Moth, with markings like eyes on its wings

My Heebie-Jeebies List

This post is about some of the things that give me the heebie-jeebies, ranging from things that scare me to things that are just yucky. Some of these I might realistically come across, while others, not so much. Yucky words We've previously established that moist panties grosses me right out. Damp underwear? Whatever. Moist panties?… Continue reading My Heebie-Jeebies List

gold cocker spaniel puppy

My Favourite Simple Things (& Lots of Other Lists)

Lists can be fun! This post is an amalgamation of various lists I've posted over the years on MH@H. Some are focused on positives, others relate to mental illness, and others are just for fun. Here's a quick overview of the lists contained in this post: Favourite simple thingsThe simplest things in life are freeMy… Continue reading My Favourite Simple Things (& Lots of Other Lists)