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Working On Us Week #13 – Sleep Disorders

This is week 13 of the working on us mental health prompt series over at Beckie's Mental Mess.  This week's topic is sleep disorders and insomnia.  For guidelines on how to participate, please visit Beckie's post. Prompt #1 Questions: Have you, or do you suffer from sleep disorders?  I don't have a sleep disorder, but I've… Continue reading Working On Us Week #13 – Sleep Disorders

book cover: Mindfulness fo rInsomnia by Catherine Polan Orzech and William Moorcroft
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Book Review: Mindfulness for Insomnia

Mindfulness for Insomnia by Catherine Polan Orzech and William H. Moorcroft lays out a day-by-day four-week meditation program to facilitate sleep. I'll start off by saying that I read the book because I was curious about the method, but I didn't actually practice it myself.  Aside from the sleep education in the first part of… Continue reading Book Review: Mindfulness for Insomnia

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CBT for insomnia

Sleep - so important to have, yet sometimes so hard to get.  Whether it's depression where you're exhausted but can't sleep or mania where you have too much energy to feel the need for sleep, insomnia is something that spans across diagnoses.  For many of us, medications are an important part of getting a decent… Continue reading CBT for insomnia

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Not-so-hygienic sleep hygiene

I used to be that enviable person who could sleep anytime, anywhere.  In university, I would regularly fall asleep in my first class after lunch.  When travelling, I would be able to fall asleep on planes, trains, and automobiles, making travel companions über-envious.  And then mental illness came along and it was a whole new… Continue reading Not-so-hygienic sleep hygiene

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Psych meds 101: Sleep meds

The Psych Meds 101 series on my perspective as a mental health nurse, former pharmacist, and person with depression. While some of these meds are used primarily for sleep, many have other uses as well.  The choice of medication for any given person will be based on their diagnosis among other factors, and sleep meds… Continue reading Psych meds 101: Sleep meds