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“Should” You Worry About Things?

A little while ago I did a post about the worry tree as a tool for managing worry, and my friends at WeDIDIt mentioned that the idea the worry is productive can be a trap that leads to endless worry and rumination. Hence this post – "should" you worry, ruminate, self-criticize, or engage in other… Continue reading “Should” You Worry About Things?

What Is Series... Insights Into Psychology on Mental Health @ Home
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What Is… Anosognosia?

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms.  This week's term is anosognosia. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard this term before, so let's break it down.  Agnosia is an inability to recognize people or things.  Nosology is the classification of diseases.  Throw the two together, and… Continue reading What Is… Anosognosia?

God Knows Where I Am film
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God Knows Where I Am: Death By Mental Illness

The disturbing documentary God Knows Where I Am tells the story of Linda Bishop, and her death after being released from a state psychiatric hospital. The film includes readings from Linda's journal, and commentary from people who knew her, including her sister and her daughter.  Their words powerfully captured the pain and frustration of a… Continue reading God Knows Where I Am: Death By Mental Illness

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Cognitive Distortions: Getting Personal

In yesterday's post, I outlined some of the common types of cognitive distortions.  It's one thing to know about them, but actually recognizing them in ourselves can be a lot harder to do.  It's all well and good to try to look for evidence against a possibly distorted thought, but what if there is a… Continue reading Cognitive Distortions: Getting Personal

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Reining in the thought gremlins

One of the (many) things I'm working on is checking myself on my thought gremlins – depression-related misinterpretations of things happening around me.  Not stopping the misinterpretations (I'm nowhere close to being ready for that yet), but noticing them for what they are. This past weekend I was exchanging emails with someone in my life… Continue reading Reining in the thought gremlins