Shifting identities: learning to live with mental illness disability – graphic of carnival masks
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Mental Illness Disability & Identity Shifts

Role identity is a concept in sociology that refers to the identities that we build around the various socially defined roles that we fulfill.  Identity shifts can occur over time based on various factors, including the importance those roles play in our lives overall. Student was a key role identity for me for many years. … Continue reading Mental Illness Disability & Identity Shifts

Stop mental illness stigma – Mental Health @ Home

How Much Do You Internalize Stigma? Recently I posted the above tweet.  I got a response from someone who felt that their diagnosis had changed who they were as a result of the stigmatized ways that other people viewed them, and the internalized stigma limited who they were able to be. That saddened me, and it got me thinking about… Continue reading How Much Do You Internalize Stigma?

Are you your illness: Establishing a mental illness identity - graphic of silhouette in mirror frame
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Are You Your Mental Illness?

Sometimes as part of anti-stigma campaigns you'll hear rules that we shouldn't say people are bipolar, schizophrenic, etc.  The thinking goes that phrasing it this way puts people in a little box in which they're primarily defined by their illness. Yet at the same time, you'll find many bloggers referring to themselves as "I am… Continue reading Are You Your Mental Illness?