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Do You Internalize Mental Illness Stigma?

Recently I tweeted the above message.  I got a response from someone who felt that their diagnosis had changed who they were as a result of the stigmatized ways that other people viewed them, and the internalized stigma limited who they were able to be. That saddened me, and it got me thinking about how… Continue reading Do You Internalize Mental Illness Stigma?

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Are You Your Mental Illness?

Sometimes, as part of anti-stigma campaigns, you'll hear that we shouldn't say people are bipolar, schizophrenic, etc. The thinking goes that phrasing it this way puts people in a little box in which they're primarily defined by their illness. Yet at the same time, you'll find many bloggers referring to themselves as "I am bipolar."… Continue reading Are You Your Mental Illness?

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MH@H Depression

Depression and Closet/Identity Thinning

Image by Mike Gattorna from Pixabay No, this picture doesn't look anything like my closet.  But it would be fabulous to have something so neat and organized, even though I would need only about 5% of that space. I have quite a few clothes and shoes that I haven't worn for a few years.  I used to dress… Continue reading Depression and Closet/Identity Thinning

Social Issues

Who Gets to Decide Others’ Gender Identities?

Last week, I heard in the news that the Vatican released a statement essentially saying that transgender identities simply doesn't exist.  It seems unlikely to be a coincidence that this was done during Pride Month. Dismissing transgender identities brings to mind a similar question to what's raised by the abortion debate bubbling away in the… Continue reading Who Gets to Decide Others’ Gender Identities?

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My Life Journey

Who I Am as a Writer & Blogger

Image by JL G from Pixabay Here we are on WordPress, all of us as writers.  But what does that writing identity look like?  I thought I'd do this post to take a closer look into my own. I've always liked to write.  When I was young, as in elementary school young I liked to write stories.  One… Continue reading Who I Am as a Writer & Blogger

Were you always depressed or anxious?
MH@H Depression

Were You Always Depressed or Anxious?

I ask about always being depressed or anxious because I know, for some people, their illness struck at a relatively young age, or there were always hints of what was to come even if the full-blown illness didn't hit until later. A life before depression It wasn't like that for me. My first episode of… Continue reading Were You Always Depressed or Anxious?

Labelling and mental illness: terms that are used and misused
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What’s in a Name? Labelling and Mental Illness

The language people use when it comes to mental health matter.  A lot of words ae tossed around to describe who we are and what we experience, and in this post I'll consider some of the issues around labelling and mental illness and whether certain words are helpful or harmful. Role identities We all have… Continue reading What’s in a Name? Labelling and Mental Illness