Managing the Depression Puzzle, Mental Health

Managing Mental Illness Requires More Than One Tool

It would be nice if treating mental illness was as simple as popping a pill and carrying on with life.  But of course life (and mental illness) doesn't work that way.  Managing a chronic mental illness means drawing on multiple different tools and trying to build up the toolbox as much as possible. Earlier in… Continue reading Managing Mental Illness Requires More Than One Tool


Aromatherapy and Mental Health/Wellness

There are various sources that can be found online that talk about the mental health benefits of aromatherapy with certain essential oils.  I started using aromatherapy daily almost a year ago.  Mostly I use a diffuser but I also have a few topical roll-ons.  It's hard to say if there's any therapeutic benefit aside from… Continue reading Aromatherapy and Mental Health/Wellness