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How Do You Find New Blog Viewers?

For various reasons, most of us like it when we get brand new blog viewers.  It may be because it's great to have a new voice added to the conversation, or it may be for more business-oriented reasons, or it could be a confidence-booster. While numbers are not where the true value of blogging lies… Continue reading How Do You Find New Blog Viewers?

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Crazy-Making Blog Comparisons

If you're sufficiently mature and self-assured that you never fall into the trap of blog comparisons (comparing yourself to other bloggers and/or their blogs), well that's great, but this post isn't for you.  If, however, you're a human being, read on. I suspect that at some point most of us have some sort of ugly,… Continue reading Crazy-Making Blog Comparisons

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Reflecting on a Blogging Milestone

Normally I don't like talking about follower numbers, but 4000 is kind of a cool blogging milestone, so I thought I'd mention some of the things I've learned along the way. One of the key things I've learned is just how skewed a metric follower numbers are.  Sure, it's what we often end up focusing… Continue reading Reflecting on a Blogging Milestone

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How Do You Follow Other Blogs?

We all interact with the blogging world a little differently.  In yesterday's post, I asked people to answer a a few survey questions about how they follow other blogs. Here are the results, based on 24 responses: Question 1: How many blogs do you follow? <100: 25%100-499: 50%500-1000: 8.3%>1000: 16.7% Question 2: Do you have more… Continue reading How Do You Follow Other Blogs?

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Evergreen Blogging and the WordPress Reader

Lately I've been getting quite a few notifications each day about people interacting with some of my older blog content.  In fancy internet parlance, this is a sign of "evergreen content", material that's still good long after it's published. That's great, but it makes me curious how it happens.  New content is easy enough to… Continue reading Evergreen Blogging and the WordPress Reader