On-screen representation of marginalized groups; graphic of a film projector in rainbow colours
Social Justice

Marginalized Groups and On-Screen Representation

Ceponatia of Dogmatic Panic wrote a while back about social media claims that a film was whitewashing. It reminded me of a conversation about on-screen representation of marginalized groups that I'd had with someone not long before that. The beginnings of this post languished in my drafts folder for quite a while, until I saw… Continue reading Marginalized Groups and On-Screen Representation

Merry stay-at-home Christmas - background image of Christmas tree
Awareness Days, Seasonal, & Holidays

Favourite Christmas Movie Clips

Christmas is a great day for lounging around in pyjamas (ok, every day is great for that), sipping lots of tea/coffee/eggnog. Some of us are probably spending Christmas alone this year, so how about we watch some Christmas movie clips together? I'll start with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This was the only movie of the… Continue reading Favourite Christmas Movie Clips