Life lessons: how I learned it's okay to mess up (cartoon graphic of a tree)
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How I Learned It’s Okay To Mess Up

It's fairly common, at least in the mental health blogging world, for people to self-criticize, especially if they they think they've made a mistake or failed to do something. I don't tend to do that, and recently had a bit of an aha moment about how it came to be that I believe that it's… Continue reading How I Learned It’s Okay To Mess Up

If you fail, is it at a task, or as a person? - image of spilled coffee beans

Are You a Failure at a Task, or as a Person?

Failure isn't fun.  There's just no two ways about that. But what does that failure mean?  I think that, particularly when mental illness is involved, it's easy to leap from "I failed at [X]" to "I'm a failure."  But taking a step back, they're not really the same thing. Fear of failure Fear of failure… Continue reading Are You a Failure at a Task, or as a Person?

Radical acceptance infographic
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Radically Accepting Failure

johnhain on Pixabay Last year, I started volunteering with a community services agency that leads workshops on suicide awareness, among other topics, in local high school classes.  It's something that would be really important to me, if I actually felt capable of caring about anything.  It's something I really would have enjoyed, had I not… Continue reading Radically Accepting Failure