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What Is… Intergenerational Trauma

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms.  This week's term is intergenerational trauma. Trauma that occurs at an individual level is devastating enough, but when it occurs on a collective level, the effects of that trauma may not stop with the people who directly experienced the traumatic events.… Continue reading What Is… Intergenerational Trauma

Mental health

Is Oversimplification of Mental Illness Useful?

We've all heard of the "chemical imbalance" explanation for mental illness.  This terminology has served a purpose in making the argument that mental illness is actually an illness.  However, it is a gross simplification of mental illness in terms of what's actually going on in the brain.  Lately, I've read criticism of the chemical imbalance… Continue reading Is Oversimplification of Mental Illness Useful?

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Why Did I Get Depressed?

There is so much that we don't know about what causes mental illness, and very little that we do know.  This means that asking why is rather futile at this point, but it's hard not to.  It feels like maybe if I had some idea where my depression was coming from, I'd have a better… Continue reading Why Did I Get Depressed?