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Guest post (Johnzelle Anderson) – EMDR Therapy

I have a guest blog for you today, from Johnzelle of Panoramic Counseling. EMDR Therapy Francine Shapiro is a legend in the mental health community. She made the groundbreaking discovery that launched the EMDR therapy movement in 1987. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.  Shapiro didn’t set out to create a new… Continue reading Guest post (Johnzelle Anderson) – EMDR Therapy

Book cover: Ghosts Within: Journeying Through PTSD by Garry Leech
Book reviews, Trauma and PTSD

Book review: Ghosts Within

Ghosts Within: Journeying Through PTSD is written by former war zone journalist Garry Leech. It covers his journey with post-traumatic stress disorder in response to the horrors his work exposed him to. The book describes some of the traumatic events the author experienced.  This took a few forms: as descriptions of flashbacks, as part of… Continue reading Book review: Ghosts Within

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Psychotherapy alphabet soup

Some studies have shown that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is a stronger predictor of therapeutic outcomes than the type of therapy used.  However, it seems logical that the type of therapy should at least to some extent match up with how you tend to conceptualize the problems you're experiencing.… Continue reading Psychotherapy alphabet soup