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Tips for Bloggers to Avoid Copyright Violations

Most bloggers are very well-intentioned and would try to steer clear from any potential copyright violations. However, it's not hard to inadvertently cross the line from okay to dodgy. So, let's chat about some issues that might come up. Copyright notice There doesn't have to be a notice asserting the content owner's copyright for that… Continue reading Tips for Bloggers to Avoid Copyright Violations

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My Most-Used Blogging Tools of 2020

I think a lot of us bloggers have our little tricks up our sleeves, whether it's a favourite place to get images from, quotes, or whatever it might happen to be. Here's a quick run-down of the blogging tools that I've been using the most over the past year. Graphics Canva continues to be my… Continue reading My Most-Used Blogging Tools of 2020

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Where To Find Images For Your Blog Posts

It's important to be careful about respecting copyright when using images on your blog, and there are some great places where you can get images that you can be confident are licensed for free use. Image sites You won't find Google Images on this list, because it's not a photo sharing site, it's a search… Continue reading Where To Find Images For Your Blog Posts


Blogging and Copyright Infringement

A number of people have raised concerns lately about posting bloggers' copyright content without permission. Here's a bit of detail from This site is based in India.  They registered their domain name through GoDaddy, but the site itself isn't on GoDaddy's servers.  DigitalOcean is the Domain Name Server (DNS), which means their directory… Continue reading Blogging and Copyright Infringement