Compensating for depression brain: routines, to-do lists, and step-by-step task breakdowns

Compensating for Depression Brain

In my depression-free days, my brain felt like a finely tuned machine.  I could handle multiple tasks efficiently and effectively.  I've always been organized, but when I was well it was helpful rather than necessary.  I performed better when I was organized, but it wasn't a crutch. If non-depressed brain was skiing black diamond runs,… Continue reading Compensating for Depression Brain

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Mental Health

When Events Overwhelm Coping Skills

blue budgie on Pixabay We've all got our toolbox of coping skills to draw on when things start to get difficult.  It's usually not quite as simple as that, though.  My toolbox has multiple different compartments, and multiple different keys.  When I'm well, I've got the master key and I have access to all the… Continue reading When Events Overwhelm Coping Skills

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Mental Health

Pass the Magical Thinking Hat

kalhh on Pixabay In psychiatry, magical thinking refers to the idea that there is a causal relationship between one's thoughts and the outside world; basically that thinking something makes it so.  I tend to combine magical thinking with avoidance to produce a thought pattern of "I won't think about it and therefore it's no longer… Continue reading Pass the Magical Thinking Hat

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Mental Health

So Much for Healthy Coping Strategies

Carolina Heza on Unsplash I think I used to be fairly resilient, although it's hard to remember because it's been so long.  I am most definitely not resilient anymore. My weekend was not great, even though I tried to be mindful of self-care and include good stuff like journalling and meditating.  My mood was low,… Continue reading So Much for Healthy Coping Strategies