The Bipolar Addict by Conor Bezane book cover
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Book review: The Bipolar Addict

The Bipolar Addict: Drinks, Drugs, Delirium, & Why Sober Is the New Cool by Conor Bezane shares the author's experiences, as well as the experiences of others, living with bipolar disorder and co-occurring addictions.  I went into his book with high expectations, because concurrent disorders need to be included more often into the conversation about… Continue reading Book review: The Bipolar Addict

Book cover: My bipolar mind by Samantha Steiner
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Book review: My Bipolar Mind

My Bipolar Mind by Samantha Steiner is written as a series of blog posts that capture her recovery from addiction while living with the effects of bipolar disorder.  The story begins in April 2017 she hit her personal rock bottom, and from there began her slow journey towards recovery.  Of course, the full story began… Continue reading Book review: My Bipolar Mind