red jigsaw puzzle with the word depression
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Depression Without the Depressed Part?

Chances are the first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think about depression is depressed mood, right?  But while depressed mood is often a major part of depressive illnesses, sometimes it plays a minor role and other times it's not present at all. The symptoms of depression are (must have one of… Continue reading Depression Without the Depressed Part?

grocery store shelves
Mental health

Mental Illness Goes Grocery Shopping

squirrel_photos on Pixabay Living alone, I have to do all my own grocery shopping.  It's been that way for years, so no big deal, right?  Well, what used to be a simple task has become a bit more of a production with mental illness tagging along.  It turns out grocery shopping with mental illness isn't… Continue reading Mental Illness Goes Grocery Shopping

blue butterfly on tropical plant
Mental health

Butterfly brain

I feel like I have butterfly brain, flitting around from flower to flower, never sticking with one for very long.  Lots of flowers to pollinate, after all. Except I'm not as graceful as a butterfly.  I'm more like a moth, careening drunkenly around with no apparent destination in mind.  Bouncing off one wall, hitting the… Continue reading Butterfly brain