Feeling Disconnected from Blogging

Over the last few weeks I've felt pretty disconnected from blogging.  I know a number of other bloggers have had thoughts at some point or another of just packing it in, and while I haven't reached that point, I thought it was something worth exploring. Personally, this last little while has been the least connected… Continue reading Feeling Disconnected from Blogging

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My Anti-Rules for Writing

There are plenty of rules out there on the internet about how you "should" write.  Well, I say shoulds are just another form of cognitive distortion, so it's time to kick some of those rules to the curb and replace them with anti-rules for writing. Write every day Apparently this is something you're supposed to… Continue reading My Anti-Rules for Writing

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The Awkward Topic of Blogging & Money

First off, this isn't a post about how to make money blogging (I've previously done a post on monetization options).  It's more about the general idea of getting financial support within the mental health blogging community, and whether there are characteristics of the mental health community that will affect that.  It'll be a bit choppy… Continue reading The Awkward Topic of Blogging & Money

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Who I Am as a Writer

Image by JL G from Pixabay Here we are on WordPress, all of us as writers.  But what does that writing identity look like?  I thought I'd do this post to take a closer look into my own. I've always liked to write.  When I was young, as in elementary school young I liked to write stories.  One… Continue reading Who I Am as a Writer