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Exploring WordPress’s Classic Block Editor

Andy of Eden in Babylon was asking the other day about alternatives to the block editor. I've lost traffic of the different names of editors and what exactly they're getting rid of. I also realized I wasn't sure how to access the classic block editor that WordPress says gives similar functionality to the editor they're… Continue reading Exploring WordPress’s Classic Block Editor

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Thoughts on the WordPress Block Editor 3 Months In

In May of this year, WordPress announced that it was getting rid of the editor. I was not impressed, because I liked that editor. I've been using the block editor for about 3 months now, and I have pretty much the same mixed feelings about it now as when I first started using it.… Continue reading Thoughts on the WordPress Block Editor 3 Months In

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Farewell, WordPress Editor…

If you're not already using WordPress's block editor, you've probably already seem WordPress shouting in your face that they're forcing you to switch to the block editor. However, according to this blog post, there are actually a couple of alternatives. The naming is a bit confusing, and it took me a while to get… Continue reading Farewell, WordPress Editor…