Book cover: Royally Incomplete by TheInBetweenQueen
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Book Review: Royally Incomplete

Royally Incomplete is the first book from TheInBetweenQueen, and it focuses on her eating disorder recovery journey.  Her pen name comes from her perspective that "Health is not a destination, and at this juncture, I am still in a vastly expansive in-between." Each chapter focuses on a different issue or part of her story, and… Continue reading Book Review: Royally Incomplete

book cover: The A to Z of Eating Disorders by Emma Woolf
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Book Review: The A to Z of Eating disorders

The A to Z of Eating Disorders by Emma Woolf is an A to Z encyclopedia of terms and concepts related to eating disorders.  Some terms, like body mass index, are covered in a couple of paragraphs, while others have lengthier explanations. The book includes some terms not directly to do with eating disorders, such as… Continue reading Book Review: The A to Z of Eating disorders