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Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

In 2014, I did a trip to Central Asia, hitting up Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. That area is definitely off the beaten North American traveller path, so when I told people about my trip, the most common reaction was "huh?" A coworker dubbed it "the 'Stan tour" (-stan is a Persian suffix meaning land/place). Kyrgyzstan… Continue reading Postcards from “The ‘Stan Tour”

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My Hometown via Google Maps

Google Maps Street View is handy for all kinds of things, including a partner's infidelity (as unearthed by Claudette). This post will take a meander through the small town where I grew up, Nowhereville, British Columbia, Canada. My parents built this house before I was born and lived there until I was around 30. My… Continue reading My Hometown via Google Maps

2020 year in review: blogging

2020 Year in Review: Blogging

While the world itself has been pretty wild and wacky in 2020, I haven't had any major course changes with my blog's direction this year. I've stuck with publishing a post a day, or sometimes two if there's a guest blogger or a quick awareness day post. I managed to stick with the weekly book… Continue reading 2020 Year in Review: Blogging

2020 year in review: Health & life
Mental Health

2020 Year in Review: Health & Life

I'll be doing a few year in review posts this week, and I'm starting off with what's happened in my own little bubble (not in the social distancing sense). While COVID was massive, it didn't have all that big an impact on my day to day life. I hadn't been well enough to work since… Continue reading 2020 Year in Review: Health & Life

Christmas tree
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Christmas Tree Ornaments from Childhood

I used to really like Christmas, but the last Christmas I cared about was the last Christmas I was well, which was in 2015. Since then, I haven't cared enough to do anything for Christmas, including putting up a tree, but I thought I'd rummage through some of the ornaments from my childhood that were… Continue reading Christmas Tree Ornaments from Childhood