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The MH@H Books mental health book series includes all three ebooks from Ashley L. Peterson and Mental Health @ Home Books, together for a discounted price, only on the MH@H Store.

The series includes the ebook versions of:

The downloads are available in both epub and mobi (Kindle) format.



The MH@H Books mental health book series includes all three ebooks from Ashley L. Peterson and Mental Health @ Home Books together for a discounted price.

The series includes the ebook versions of:


Managing the Depression Puzzle

Managing the Depression Puzzle provides a comprehensive, everything-up-to-and-including-the-kitchen-sink look at how to manage mental illnesses involving depression (including bipolar disorder).  A wide variety of different strategies are presented, and they’re broken down into illness treatment and wellness promotion approaches; both are important, but they’re not interchangeable pieces of the depression puzzle.  Every individual’s depression is unique, and the pieces that fit in the puzzle of every individual’s illness will be just as unique.

Topics covered include medications, somatic treatments like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), psychotherapy, supplements and herbal products, activation, mindfulness, self-care, and more.  Elements of the depression experience like treatment resistance, stigma, decision-making around disclosure, and identity management are also discussed.

Managing the Depression Puzzle draws on the author’s education and experience as a mental health nurse and former pharmacist, as well as personal experience living with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder.  The approach is pragmatic, candid, and realistic about the potential usefulness of different interventions.  Knowing your options puts you in the best position to manage your illness.



Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis aims to cut through the misinformation, stigma, and assumptions that surround mental illness and give a clear picture of what mental illness really is.

The book pairs diagnostic criteria and descriptions for a cross-section of mental illnesses in the DSM-5 with nineteen first-hand narrative accounts of what it’s like to live with those conditions.  The book is also infused with the author’s own experience as a mental health nurse and person living with depression.

With the fusion of diagnostic information, clinical experience, and lived experience, this book offers a unique, well-rounded perspective on the reality of mental illness.



Psych Meds Made Simple

People living with mental illness are often left out of the loop when it comes to understanding how exactly medications work. This book will explain pharmacology in a simplified way to help you understand the effects, both positive and negative, of psych meds, and why these effects occur. It’s everything you didn’t realize you wanted to know about medications!

The book begins with the essentials of pharmacology and moves on to cover all the major classes of psychiatric medications. You’ll learn why one medication in a particular class might be a better fit for you than another. Are you having weight gain from your medication? You’ll find out why, and what other medications might be less likely to have the same side effect.

I’ve pulled together what I’ve learned in my training as a nurse and (former) pharmacist and years of clinical experience, added in my personal perspective from having taken many of these medications, and distilled it down to the essential elements you need to know to take charge of your own health and illness.



The mental health book series downloads are available in both epub and mobi (Kindle) format.

The ebooks can be bought individually through the links above.  Paperback editions are also available on Amazon for Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple.