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Welcome to the Mental Health @ Home Store!

Mental Health @ Home Store Mission

The goal is to offer useful, informative, and thought-provoking digital content related to mental health and blogging similar to what you can already find on my blog but in expanded form.

My ebooks from MH@H Books as well as some shorter mini-ebooks will be available for sale, plus there will be loads of free content as well.

What to expect

The mental health content draws on my years of experience as a mental health nurse and my education: degrees in nursing and pharmacy, a Masters in Psychiatric Nursing degree, and continuing education in multiple forms of psychotherapy.

There are free practical how-to guides, based on my own pragmatic approach – I’m not interested in what you’re “supposed” to do. I care about what works!

Free guided journals are also available, and point you in directions to reflect and explore, without telling you where to end up.

Short email courses will be coming soon!

Note: All prices are in US dollars.

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