Mental health apps

These apps are either free or have a substantial amount of free content in addition to premium content.  They’re available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play unless otherwise specified.


ACT Coach app logo  ACT Coach : acceptance and commitment therapy information and tools


Calm Harm app logo  Calm Harm: 5- and 15-minute strategies to ride out self-harm urges


CalmintheStorm.jpg  Calm in the Storm (App Store): stress management and safety plan tools


Catch It app icon  Catch It: mood tracking app from the NHS


CBT-i Coach app logo  CBT-i Coach (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs): CBT for insomnia tools


Done_app  Done: A Simple Habit Tracker (App Store)


eMoods bipolar mood tracker logo   eMoods bipolar mood tracker


FearTools app logo  FearTools: for managing anxiety


Grateful_app  Grateful: A Gratitude Journal (App Store): gratitude journal with prompts


Happify  Happify: guides you in building skills along chosen tracks


Health Storylines logo  not MH-specific; lets you to track moods, physical health symptoms, and other health parameters


InnerHour app logo  InnerHour: self-help for anxiety and depression


Me v PMDD app logo track emotional, mental, and physical pre-menstrual symptoms


Mindshift   MindShift from Anxiety Canada: symptom check-in, thought tools, relaxation strategies, coping activities


Mood coach app icon  Mood Coach (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, on App Store): track your mood and develop a values-based behavioural activation plan


Moodfit  Moodfit: mindfulness and breathing exercises, track factors like mood and sleep


MoodnotesMoodnotes: track your mood and the factors that influence it


nOCD app logo (App Store): self-help for OCD based on exposure and response prevention


Pacifica  Pacifica: mood and health activity tracking, CBT tools, and meditation


PTSD Coach app icon  PTSD Coach (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs): tools to manage PTSD symptoms


Remente app icon  Remente: goal setting, balancing different life areas, mood tracking


SAM  Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM): tracking tools and coping strategies


Therachat app icon  Therachat: tracking tools and journalling


TruReach  TruReach: CBT audio lessons


Up! bipolar mood app logoUp!: bipolar mood tracker (only on Google Play)


Whatsup.png  What’s up – A Mental Health App: tracking tools, coping strategies, info on mental health topics


Youper icon  Youper: an “emotional health assistant” that uses AI technology


Meditation apps





Insight Timer


Simple Habit

SmilingMInd.jpgSmiling Mind


Suicide prevention apps

You can find more suicide prevention resources here.


TheLifeLineThe LifeLine: strategies and tools to cope with and interrupt suicidal thoughts


My Coping Plan app logoMy Coping Plan: lets you prepare a crisis coping plan that includes activities and people to reach out to


My3 app logoMy3: allows you to prepare a crisis plan, and identify the top 3 people you would turn to


Stay Alive app logoStay Alive: tools to use if you or someone you know are feeling suicidal

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