Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis : "A mental illness serves as an explanation for symptoms. It does not change who or what a diagnosed person is."
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How Much Do You Internalize Stigma? Recently I posted the above tweet.  I got a response from someone who felt that their diagnosis had changed who they were as a result of the stigmatized ways that other people viewed them, and the internalized stigma limited who they were able to be. That saddened me, and it got me thinking about… Continue reading How Much Do You Internalize Stigma?

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“Rules” for Talking About Mental Illness

Just to get things started, I'll say that I'm "mentally ill", I "suffer from" depression, and I'm a little bit "crazy", although the degree varies over time. Now that we've got that out of the way, there are a lot of people who like to take a stand against language that is thought to stigmatize… Continue reading “Rules” for Talking About Mental Illness

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NIMBYism and Mental Health Housing

NIMBYism is a fascinating phenomenon.  NIMBYs, or people think that something is okay just as long as it's Not In My BackYard, cover discrimination with a thin veneer of civility and acceptability.  Among the many manifestations of this is with regards to social housing, including supported housing for people with mental illness. NIMBYs' arguments may… Continue reading NIMBYism and Mental Health Housing

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The Health Professions Act and the Fight Against Stigma

Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay As a nurse in my province (British Columbia, Canada), if I am hospitalized for mental illness then the provincial Health Professions Act requires the hospital to report me to the nursing regulatory college, and the college must treat this as a complaint about my fitness to practice.  This ends up with being… Continue reading The Health Professions Act and the Fight Against Stigma

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Should You Challenge or Ignore Ignorance on Social Media?

geralt on Pixabay There are certainly some good things about social media, but it also provides an opportunity for stupidity to get much greater exposure than it deserves. Some people would likely have a platform to reach large numbers of people even if it weren't for social media.  But the average science-naïve person who thinks… Continue reading Should You Challenge or Ignore Ignorance on Social Media?

Book cover: Your Mental Health and You by Sandy Pace
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Book Review: Your Mental Health and You

Your Mental Health and You is written by Sandy Pace, whose blog I've followed for some time.  He has a degree in psychology, lives with ADHD, and has experienced addiction. The book covers various areas of your life and your thinking where you could make changes to promote better mental health.  It's immediately clear how passionate… Continue reading Book Review: Your Mental Health and You

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Why psychosis scares people

Prawny on Pixabay People tend to fear the unknown.  Psychosis is arguably the group of symptoms that the average person finds the most frightening when it comes to mental health problems. There is stigma associated with many/most/all mental health conditions, but psychosis kicks it up a notch. What psychosis is As a quick explanation, psychosis… Continue reading Why psychosis scares people

Book cover: Written Off by Philip Yanos
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Book review: Written Off

Written Off: Mental Health Stigma and the Loss of Human Potential by Philip T. Yanos wasn't available from the local public library, so I got a copy from my alma mater university library. That difference in availability gives some indication of the nature of the book.  I didn't find it overly textbookish, but at the… Continue reading Book review: Written Off

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Emerging Blogger Series: Nathan (My Brain’s Not Broken)

The emerging blogger series is a way to give mental health bloggers who are early in their blogging evolution the opportunity to have their work seen by a wider audience.  It's also a way to introduce you as a reader to some new bloggers you may not have discovered yet.This week, we have Nathan from… Continue reading Emerging Blogger Series: Nathan (My Brain’s Not Broken)

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Adventures in stigma in the ER

aitoff on Pixabay I mentioned in yesterday's post that a few days ago my family doctor had sent me into hospital because of worsening shortness of breath.  I wasn't overly surprised when I was met with stigma in the ER.  It seemed like the ER doc took one look at my list of psych meds… Continue reading Adventures in stigma in the ER