workplace mental heatlh statistics

Mental Illness and Employment Discrimination

Employers aren't supposed to discriminate against people with mental illness.  In fact, it's often against the law.  Yet it happens, so what do we do about it when it does? In Canada, provincial human rights legislation requires equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.  People with mental and physical disabilities … Continue reading Mental Illness and Employment Discrimination

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Tree diagram showing effects of social inquities

Why social determinants of health matter

Social determinants of health represent those factors which, whether we have control over them or not, can significantly influence both physical and mental health outcomes.  Differences produced by social injustice can (and does) produce systemic health inequities between rich and poor, with a "social gradient" in between. The Government of Canada identifies eleven key social … Continue reading Why social determinants of health matter

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drawing of an American flag waving

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to my American friends! While the country celebrates freedom, the asylum-seekers detained in horrible conditions on the southern border also deserve to be in our thoughts. The Declaration of Independence states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July

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LGBTQ Pride Flag

Who gets to decide others’ identities?

Last week, I heard in the news that the Vatican released a statement essentially saying that transgendered identities simply doesn't exist.  It seems unlikely to be a coincidence that this was done during Pride Month. Dismissing transgendered identities brings to mind a similar question to what's raised by the abortion debate bubbling away in the … Continue reading Who gets to decide others’ identities?

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