Faith, attribution, and cognitive dissonance - graphics of praying emoji and brain exercising
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Faith, Attribution, and Cognitive Dissonance

This post flows from a few different things that other bloggers have been talking about lately. I'll refer specifically to a couple of posts about faith on Tisha B'Av, a Jewish day of mourning, but this also ties into what some other people have been talking about with regards to subjective vs. objective reality. This… Continue reading Faith, Attribution, and Cognitive Dissonance

Diagram showing how sex hormones are released and the effect of puberty blockers
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Let’s Talk About Puberty Blockers

It crossed my mind that we often talk about puberty blockers without actually talking about what they are, so I wanted to do this post to help fill that gap. The hormone party There are three types of hormones and hormone-releasing areas that are relevant here: Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is the brain's hormonal air traffic… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Puberty Blockers

the word coexist written in religious and peace symbols
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Some Thoughts on My Version of Soft Atheism

I find religion to be quite fascinating, despite the fact that I don't personally believe the fundamentals of any of them. This post will be a bit of a meander through thoughts kicking around in my head related to religion and atheism. My version of soft atheism I would say that I fall somewhere in… Continue reading Some Thoughts on My Version of Soft Atheism

An identity milestone: the end of my career as a nurse - cartoon graphic of a nurse
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An Identity Milestone: No Longer a Nurse

I mentioned in a recent weekend wrap-up that this was coming, and now it's here. As of today, I’m officially no longer a nurse, which is a pretty massive identity milestone for me. This isn't an abrupt transition by any means. I've known this was coming for a while now, and I’ve already been through… Continue reading An Identity Milestone: No Longer a Nurse

Life lessons: how I learned it's okay to mess up - image of person sprouting from an acorn
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Life Lessons: How I Learned It’s Okay To Mess Up

perso It's fairly common, at least in the mental health blogging world, for people to self-criticize, especially if they they think they've made a mistake or failed to do something. I don't tend to do that, and recently had a bit of an aha moment about how it came to be that I believe that… Continue reading Life Lessons: How I Learned It’s Okay To Mess Up

the poem Not by Erin Hanson
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You’re Not Defined By What You’re Not Ginnie Sophia did this lovely video based on the poem. You can find Erin Hanson on her Instagram and Facebook. Here's the text rather than graphic version of Not by Erin Hanson. You are not your age, Nor the size of clothes you wear, You are not a weight, Or the colour of your… Continue reading You’re Not Defined By What You’re Not

Self-esteem building blocks - cartoon of alphabet blocks
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My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Recently I was commenting on a post about self-esteem by Caz of Mental Health 360º and decided it was worth expanding on in a post of my own. I've always has good self-esteem, and this is what I've identified as the basic building blocks that support it. Inherent worth of humanity This is probably more… Continue reading My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Am I a bad person? Or maybe that's the wrong question
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Am I a Bad Person? Or Is That the Wrong Question?

"Am I a bad person?" It seems to be a fairly common question. Searching for that question on Google yields 263 million hits. I've also seen it raised in the blogosphere. Regardless of what the answer may or may not seem to be, though, is it a valid and/or useful question? What exactly is a… Continue reading Am I a Bad Person? Or Is That the Wrong Question?

Embracing imperfection: Maybe it's best to embrace the quirks
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Embracing Imperfection

None of us is perfect.  That's probably a good thing, because perfect would be boring and quirky can be far more interesting.  And maybe sometimes, rather than trying to put our best foot forward, it's worth diving into a quirky soup of messing up... and that metaphor ran out of steam in my head before… Continue reading Embracing Imperfection

How do you feel about your own company? Is it a good or a bad place?
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How Do You Feel About Your Own Company?

I find it fascinating the range of comfort levels people have with being alone.  It's pretty much guaranteed that we will all need to spend at least some time in our own company, yet there are many, many ways in which people experience this.  While I know that for some people alone time is quite… Continue reading How Do You Feel About Your Own Company?