Is there such a thing as too much honesty? - pyramid-shaped honesty word cloud

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Honesty?

Honesty is the best policy, right? I say no, no, no, no. And let’s add on one more no, just for good measure. I would also like to propose two kinds of “honesty”, only one of which I think actually involves honesty. First, you’ve got things that can be answered or described objectively. Let's say… Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Honesty?

Perceived vs. objective reality: blurry lens image

Perceived vs. Objective Reality

Our minds play all kinds of tricks on us. We've got all kinds of cognitive biases that influence what we do with our thoughts, and our brains do interesting things with the what it picks up through our senses. There's a philosophical argument as to whether or not there is a truly objective reality, but… Continue reading Perceived vs. Objective Reality

Self-Esteem Building Blocks – graphic of ABCD blocks

My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Recently I was commenting on a post about self-esteem by Caz of Mental Health 360º and decided it was worth expanding on in a post of my own. I've always has good self-esteem, and this is what I've identified as the basic building blocks that support it. Inherent worth of humanity This is probably more… Continue reading My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Are there really toxic people? graphic of a toxic waste barrel
Mental Health, Psychosocial

The “Toxic Person” Label and Mental Illness

The internet is full of talk about toxic people. Searching for "toxic person" yields 295 million hits on Google. That's a whole lotta toxicity. If someone is abusive, you deserve to a) be free from them, and b) call them toxic or whatever else you might choose. But those 295 million online hits aren't all… Continue reading The “Toxic Person” Label and Mental Illness

Freedom alarm: Freedom is in peril, so defend it with all your might

I Am Not Free to…

PublicDomainVectors The other day I saw an excellent article by Andy of Eden in Babylon on Entitlement and Patriotism. He contrasted the entitlement of people complaining that the pandemic lockdown violated their freedom as patriotic Americans with the self-sacrifice of people in uniform that serve their country and defend its values. In Canada, we may… Continue reading I Am Not Free to…

chain of stones in the shape of a heart

This Was Me: The Childhood Years

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay For a little something different, I thought I'd take a bit of a stroll down memory lane to the earlier years of my life. Here's me as a baby.  My parents had built this house (okay they weren't physically doing the building) two years before I came along as firstborn.  They stayed in… Continue reading This Was Me: The Childhood Years