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My Favourite Simple Things

Katrina_S on Pixabay Sometimes the simplest things in life are some of the best.  Here are a few of my favourite simple things: guinea pig kisseswatching the guinea pigs sleepingthe combination of chocolate and peanut buttercozy blanketssoaps from Lushbedtimetoasty slippersmoisturizerthe simple beauty of natureteafocaccia bread and balsamic vinegarbaguette and briethe feeling of sun on my… Continue reading My Favourite Simple Things

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TED Talks on Mental Wellbeing

Here are some of my favourite TED Talks that relate to mental wellbeing. Susan David: I recently reviewed Susan David's book Emotional Agility, and this talk covered similar subject matter.  She points out how problematic it is to avoid emotions that are considered negative or illegitimate.  She says there is a "tyranny of positivity",… Continue reading TED Talks on Mental Wellbeing

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Taking Mindfulness Outside

jill111 on Pixabay Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword these days.  When I first started meditating last year, I struggled with the idea of mindfulness of the breath.  Deep breathing can be useful when I'm feeling tense or anxious, but as an anchor for mindfulness, I just felt bored.  I don't expect mindfulness… Continue reading Taking Mindfulness Outside

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Book Reviews, Wellbeing

Book review: Mindfulness For Bipolar Disorder

Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder by Dr. William R. Marchand lays out specific areas for mindfulness practices that be useful in managing bipolar disorder symptoms. Much of the book would also be applicable to other mood disorders.  I believe mindfulness can be a really helpful thing to incorporate into one's life; however, along with the good stuff… Continue reading Book review: Mindfulness For Bipolar Disorder


Aromatherapy and Mental Health/Wellness

There are various sources that can be found online that talk about the mental health benefits of aromatherapy with certain essential oils.  I started using aromatherapy daily almost a year ago.  Mostly I use a diffuser but I also have a few topical roll-ons.  It's hard to say if there's any therapeutic benefit aside from… Continue reading Aromatherapy and Mental Health/Wellness