Blogging and relationships: How do you connect with other bloggers?
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Blogging & Relationships

Last weekend, Claudette at Writer of Words posed some questions to do with blogging and relationships. I don't normally do q&a posts, but I haven't really written about this topic before, so I decided to do a post answering her questions. 1) Does belonging to a blogging community imply a responsibility toward the bloggers? I… Continue reading Blogging & Relationships

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Pandemic Blogging

It's remarkable how a couple of weeks can change everything. I regularly watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and that's the marker I use in my head to think back to when things got serious.  Two weeks ago they announced that, starting the next week (aka the week just past), all the major late… Continue reading Pandemic Blogging

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A Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Valentine's Day is ridiculously commercialized, and it comes with a mix of obligations for the attached and hints of inadequacy for the unattached.  However, setting all of that aside, it's also an opportunity to convey affection and appreciation for the people that matter.  So, in that spirit, here's a quick Valentine's Day message to my… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Love Letter

A New Blogger's Guide to Wordpress from Mental Health @ Home
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Do You Have Tips for New Bloggers?

I'm putting together a page on my site that will be a guide for new bloggers on how to engage with the WP community, and I'm hoping to get for your input. There will be a section on blogging etiquette.  This is a quick summary of what I've come up with so far.  Is there… Continue reading Do You Have Tips for New Bloggers?

Validation - things that it is and is not
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The Power of Validation

Skinny Hobbit from Growing Into Myself recently did a post that contained this Youtube video.  The video is about supporting someone who is grieving, but it's a powerful message about validation in general, which is what inspired this post. Many of us have chosen to blog because there are difficult experiences that we're dealing with. … Continue reading The Power of Validation

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Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing

This post is a look back at both the reading and the writing I did in 2019. The majority of the reading I do is on WordPress, and it's really been wonderful to see everyone's creative output.  This is something that is a really important part of my daily routine, and something that I value… Continue reading Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing