The interesting ways we use words – graphic is a grammar word cloud

The Interesting Ways We Use Words

As bloggers, we play with words. Some of them are more fun quirky than others. Here are a few of the interesting ways we use words. That crazy pond that separates us Despite speaking the same language, there are a lot of differences between British-speak and American-speaking, with Canadian-speak thrown in there somewhere in between.… Continue reading The Interesting Ways We Use Words

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Memoirs – To Write or Not to Write?

I've seen other bloggers working on or publishing memoirs, and I had decided a little while back that it was something I'd be interested in doing too.  I even started working on writing it. Except I've started wondering if I should reconsider. There's a lot of work that would be involved in writing, publishing, and… Continue reading Memoirs – To Write or Not to Write?

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Who I Am as a Writer

Image by JL G from Pixabay Here we are on WordPress, all of us as writers.  But what does that writing identity look like?  I thought I'd do this post to take a closer look into my own. I've always liked to write.  When I was young, as in elementary school young I liked to write stories.  One… Continue reading Who I Am as a Writer

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The Blogger’s Guide to Self-Publishing Basics

I did quite a bit of research on this topic for my book that came out last week, and I've seen several bloggers mention that they're also contemplating doing books at some point, so I thought I would share some of the self-publishing basics that I've learned.  I'm by no means an expert, but I've… Continue reading The Blogger’s Guide to Self-Publishing Basics

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How and Why I Write

During my recent beach vacation, I decided to go almost entirely offline, but I still wanted to keep writing.  That meant rocking it old school with paper and pen.  It felt very different writing on paper, something I seldom do anymore.  I'm typically not particularly linear in my writing; I like to cut and paste… Continue reading How and Why I Write