Social justice issues

Social justice addresses the intersectionality of factors that cause some segments of society to be disadvantaged in terms of access, equity, rights, and participation.  These factors can include disability, gender, race, sexuality, and colonialization.  Because of the multiplicity of factors that can contribute to and interact with mental illness, many have argued that mental health is a social justice issue.

Within the mental illness community, we often face stigma because of our illness, but many of us are disadvantaged because of other factors as well.  It’s important that we speak up not just about discrimination related to mental health, but also about the other social injustices that we experience and bear witness to.


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MH@H stance on social justice

We all have elements of our identity that provide us with advantages and also with disadvantages, and appreciating those in ourselves helps us to relate to others.  I recognize that as a white person, I have tremendous social privilege.  Being cis-gendered, heterosexual, and well-educated also confers privilege.  At the same time, I’m at a disadvantage by being female in a society still dominated by patriarchy, having a mental illness, and experiencing disability because of that illness.

I believe we should be celebrating the diversity among us, and embrace the whole range of human identities and experiences.  Love unites us and makes us stronger, and hate only divides and weakens us.

That’s why this blog is a discrimination-free zone, and to maintain a safe space for all, discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.


Social justice-related blog posts

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