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This is blog index is an overview of the posts that appear as part of a recurring theme or series on the Mental Health @ Home blog.  There are also pages devoted to the themes of social justice and stigma, which you can find in the menus above.

An overview of the weekly blog schedule:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays are posts from the Emerging blogger series
  • Wednesdays are book reviews
  • Thursdays are the posts from the Join the MH conversation series.
  • Fridays are the what is… series, which looks deeper into the meaning of a variety of psychology-related terms
  • Saturdays are weekend wrap-ups, a look at what’s going on in my world that week
  • Sundays are for blogging about blogging (scroll down to see a list of these posts)


Psychiatric medications:

pills being poured into a glass bowl

These posts draw on my training and experience as a mental health nurse and former pharmacist.  My book Psych Meds Made Simple has plenty of information about psych meds all in one place.


Pseudoscience is not OK

Pseudoscience masquerading as legit science is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I like to rant about it sometimes.



Suicide is a huge issue for people dealing with mental illness.  It’s important that we talk about it, and that conversation needs to address a range of different experiences with suicide as well as the need for more effective mental illness treatment to mitigate risk.


Therapy (CBT, DBT, etc.)

wise mind




Work and workplace bullying

I have faced negative attitudes at work related to my mental illness, and I’ve also experienced workplace bullying.  I think it’s important to talk about these things because they can be so isolating.


Blogging about blogging

Blog written on a blackboardI’ve been blogging since 2017, and I’ve picked up a few things along the way that might be useful to other bloggers.



notebook sitting in front of a laptop

Writing can be a valuable therapeutic tool in dealing with illness, and it’s an important way of challenging stigma.



person holding a globe in front of their face

Travelling has long been a passion of mine, and sometimes I like to write about it.

You can also find my travel writing on and on’s Writers On The Run.