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Conceptualizing Chronic Mental Illness

The mental illness cutlery drawer: a metaphor that draws on spoon theory and fork theory to describe the effects of mental illness
The rainbow model of mental illness: domains of symptoms and functioning

The ways in which we conceptualize our illnesses influences how we relate to them. The following posts discuss this issue:

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book cover: Managing the Depression Puzzle by Ashley L. Peterson

My latest book, Managing the Depression Puzzle, covers a wide variety of different strategies that might be helpful in managing your own unique depression puzzle. It covers medications, somatic treatments like ECT, psychotherapeutic approaches, mindfulness, self-care, and more.

Symptoms of Depression

The mix of symptoms can vary from person to persona and from one episode to the next.

Different types of depression have their own typical patterns, including:

list of symptoms of major depressive disorder
Symptoms of psychomotor retardation in depression


Cognitive symptoms:

Decreased energy: When taking a shower is like climbing a mountain

Irritability: “You can be a real bitch” – Is it me or my depression?:

Isolation: Becoming a Hermit and I admit it – I’m a ghoster

Effects on movement:

Is there a root cause for depression? - graphic of a head with a tree

Potential causes for depression

Depression Treatment Options

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Negativity & Toxic Positivity

Mental illness can be really hard, and expecting that we should just “choose happiness” is ludicrous.

Positive psychology: How well does it apply to mental illness? - cartoon smiling suns
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Psychiatric Medications

I’m pro-medication as an option, but decisions should be made based on an individual weighing of risks and benefits. Treatment-resistant depression means that my meds no longer get my depression into full remission, but there are some things they still do help with.

More than any other kind of medication, though, we often have complicated relationships with medications. There can be a lot of stigma and a lot of moralizing, but no one else can know better than you do what your mind and body are telling you they need.

book cover: Psych Meds Made Simple by Ashley L. Peterson

My book Psych Meds Made Simple has plenty of info about psych meds all in one place. The book and these posts draw on my training and experience as a mental health nurse and former pharmacist.

Psych Meds 101 from Mental Health @ Home

Psych meds 101

This series is a great place to go for the basics on common types of psychiatric medications:

Other treatment options:

Side effects

Evidence-based treatment

Evidence-based treatment

Evidence-based treatment guidelines can’t tell you what will work for you, but they can tell you what’s most likely to work given what the research evidence has to say.

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What is mental illness recovery?

Ways of framing recovery and wellness

Maslow's hierarhcy of needs

Wellness-promoting activities

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Therapy mini-ebook collection from Mental Health @ Home

Besides the posts listed here, I’ve done quite a few book reviews that cover acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and other therapeutic approaches. 

The therapy mini-ebook collection is also available from the MH@H Store.

The post mental health workbooks has links to a broad range of sites that offer free therapy-based workbooks and worksheets.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
wise mind: the overlap between reasonable mind and emotional mind
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Work, Disability, and Workplace Bullying

I’ve faced negative attitudes at work related to my mental illness, and I’ve also experienced workplace bullying.  It’s important to talk about these things since they can be so isolating.

Know what your rights are based on disability laws in your area. Workplace Strategies for Mental Health has some useful information on supportive performance management.

Workplace bullying

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